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Full Lace Plate – 20 cm


This hand made 20 cm full lace plate is designed and produced by Swedish Mateus in Portugal. Available in the colours blue, green, grey, light blue, light pink, ocean, orange, pink, plum, sand, white, turquoise, yellow


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Verzenden binnen 10-15 werkdagen thuis

Verzenden binnen 10-15 werkdagen thuis

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Care & Details

Our ceramic products are fired at more than 1000 degrees. They are treated to make them water repellent, but since ceramics are made from a porous material we cannot guarantee that every item has this property. We therefore recommend our customers not to place cups and mugs on moisture-sensitive surfaces. All our products are dishwasher safe. Stone ware is also oven and micro wave proof. All products meet the international standards for lead and cadmium content.

All our products can be used in microwave and are dishwasher safe 

Made in Portugal

Mateus ceramics offers you modern Swedish design that is strongly influenced by the world of fashion. We constantly feature new and exciting colors, shapes and patterns. Our products are handmade and hand painted by experienced artisans in Portugal. As a result, each individual piece is unique.

All our products meet the international standards regarding cadmiun and lead use.

Our factory uses the most efficient, eco-friendly and pro-social technologies and practices we can get.