Oyster Bowls Mateus

Ordering Mateus Oysterbowls?

Are you entertaining, having a gardenparty for friends or do you just want to have a romantic dinner for two? Mateus Collection has a large number of beautiful handmade Oysterbowls. For every salad, pasta, and countless other variations a perfectly fitting match.

Oysterbowls in 4 different sizes!

The Oysterbowls in our Mateus range come in 4 different sizes. Are you opting for the smallest size (oyster bowl) 13 cm centimeter, suitable for yogurt, sauces etc? Or do you go for our largest Oysterbowl, 31 cm, a great bowl for salads, pastas and many other dishes.

Handmade ceramic Oysterbowls.

All Mateus Oyster bowls are original Swedish design and are all handmade in Portugal. This means you always have an original design of the best quality.

Combine crockery

Of course we want to mix those pretty Oysterbowl with the most beautiful tableware. For example, check out our matching handmade plates. Or find the nicest colour ceramic Organic bowl that always makes a feast of every meal.

Combine colours

Your table setting does not have to consist of many colours. For example, a table setting of just our Oysterbowl turquoise in four different sizes is a gem on your summer table, but a combination of grey and sand-coloured crockery can make your dinner a serene experience. More examples can be found on the inspiration page.