Ordering your MATEUS tea & capuchino mugs and espresso cups?

Are you planning to have a high tea with friends or do just want to have a nice cup of tea or coffee in style? Mateus tableware has a large number of beautiful handmade tea, capuchino and espresso cups. A matching mug for every occasion.

Cups and mugs in different sizes

The mugs and cups in the Mateus range are also available in various sizes. From the smallest bubble and lace espresso to the large mug. Everything is possible.

Handmade ceramic cups and mugs

All cups and mugs from Mateus are original Swedish design and are all handmade in Portugal. Because of this you always have an original design from the best quality.

Combine Mateus tableware for an exclusive high tea

Are you going to organize a special high tea and do you want to go all out and spoil your friends? Then the Mateus items in different colors are a must. With these cheerful cups and mugs you will definitely want the most beautiful tableware! For example, have a look at all our matching handmade cake plates and cake platters or the elongated dish for pastries. With Mateus tableware you are all set to make a party out of every high tea. And the best part is that every item is unique in colour and shape because everything is handmade by special craftsmen.