Yes, it’s here! The new colour Cinnamon (kaneel) from Mateus. A beautiful warm colour. With the colour Cinnamon, Mateus is in line with the trend for 2020. This color trend already surfaced carefully in 2019 and will continue this year. The natural appearance of the cinnamon colour fits well with our other rich, warm Mateus colors. The current trend focuses on robust materials such as wood and soft fabrics such as velvet. A perfect combination with our collections of handmade and painted pottery. Cinnamon ceramic porslin is available in 33 different models, including in our Basic and Bubble collections. Our new MSY collection – a collaboration between Teresa Lundahl-Mateus, award-winning French designer Sam Baron and well-known entrepreneur Costas Voyatzis founder of the Yatzer Design Portal – will also be available in Cinnamon.