A New Trendy Table Partner!

Has it ever happened to you? You have cooked the perfect dinner and made the most beautiful table arrangement by candlelight?

Then you find out that you have too little light and do you have to switch on the lights above your dining room table or have zero visibility at a BBQ?

These lights are the solution. Direct light at the table, dimmable, no cables and a subtle shape. If candlelight is not enough for a dinner in the garden, the Poldinas are a perfect addition and a loyal partner for around 9 hours.

The Poldina comes in two different heights. The Poldina Tavola is 38 cm high and the Poldina Mini 31 cm.

Both come in a number of colors. The matt lacquered aluminum version Poldina tavola comes in dark gray, rust, sage, white, avio blue, light pink, red and burgundy. They are also available in a copper, silver and gold leaf finish. This version is only suitable for indoor use.

The Poldina Mini is available in white, dark gray and rust and the special version (only for inside) copper, silver and gold leaf finish.

The rechargeable table lamps have a special charging base, a matte lacquered aluminum fixture, a polycarbonate diffuser and a dimmable LED light source. The Poldina collection has IP54 protection, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Battery life is around 9 hours

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Table Linen

Looking for table linen? We have got you covered with the beautiful linen collection from Timeless Linen.

We now have napkins in 13 colours especially made for us to match our tableware. Linen napkins are produced in batches, making slight colour variations between batches possible. If you are looking for a larger number in the same colour, we recommend you purchase them all in one.

Next to our napkins we now also offer table cloths in white, sage and a very pretty one in oatmeal with blue stripes. Just perfect for your garden party. Enjoy!

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Our special giftvouchers.

Are you at the end of your tether and no idea what to give your friend of loved one.

Worry no more! We have the perfect solution for you.

We now have available our special gift vouchers.

The vouchers are available for 30 euro, 50 euro and 90 euro.

Happy shopping!

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New Colour for Mateus!

Yes, it’s here!  The new colour Cinnamon from Mateus. A beautiful warm colour.

With the colour Cinnamon,Mateus is in line with the trend for 2020.

This color trend already surfaced carefully in 2019 and will continue this year.

The natural appearance of the cinnamon colour fits well with our other rich, warm Mateus colors.

The current trend focuses on robust materials such as wood and soft fabrics such as velvet. A perfect combination with our collections of handmade and painted pottery.

Cinnamon ceramic porslin is available in 33 different models, including in our Basic and Bubble collections.

Our new MSY collection – a collaboration between Teresa Lundahl-Mateus, award-winning French designer Sam Baron and well-known entrepreneur Costas Voyatzis founder of the Yatzer Design Portal – will also be available in Cinnamon.

At Zwaanzinnig We Offer Beautiful Tableware

Christine Zwanenburg, owner and driving force behind Zwaanzinnig, has a great love for special products and is always looking for beautiful new collections with a story. Especially for the set table. A feeling that will undoubtedly not fade.

That is how we found the Mateus Collection Ceramics 15 years ago. This special, hand-made ceramic / porslin tableware is designed in Sweden by Teresa Mateus and is handmade and painted in Portugal by artisans. There are five different collections. The basic collection, lace collection, bubble collection, organic collection and since last year the new MSY collection. For Teresa, her pottery collection is all about warmth and well-being at home and the collection is specially designed to stimulate your senses. We totally agree.

In addition to Mateus, we have added part of the very extensive colorful collection of glassware by Zafferano from Italy. This partly mouth-blown collection was designed by owner Federico de Majo. We mix the Provenzale, Bei, Balloton and Perle tumblers and they complement the tableware perfectly.

In addition to Mateus and Zafferano, we have added to our collection the popular Poldina wireless lights. These lights are really great for both indoor and outdoor dining. And last but not least we now sell the beautiful collection of Timeless (table) Linen. These unique collections together form a great basis for good conversations and delicious food around a beautifully set table.


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Insight into Production

Mateus has been producing its earthenware in the same factory for 25 years, an intensive collaboration of craftsmen with machines and special material. All three are indispensable in the manufacturing of Mateus ceramic porcelain.Our pottery is baked at a very high temperature. This makes these products durable and suitable for daily activities.
Thanks to this special  technique, our products are also water-resistant and suitable for the dishwasher and microwave. Take care of your Mateus ceramics . This way you will enjoy this special collection of beautiful handmade products for a long time.

handgemaakte keramiek servies

How is this special Mateus Collection made?

All our Mateus ceramic porslin products are made by hand and painted by artisans in Portugal. The design comes from Sweden and the driving force behind Mateus is Teresa Lundahl Mateus. Her motto. What could be nicer than coming together for a nice meal at a well-set table.
The production of ceramics is a craft where human experience and skills come together and are of great importance for the end result.



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