Style by design

At Zwaanzinnig we create unique table decorations with European brands.

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Passion meets beauty

Christine Zwanenburg, owner and driving force behind Zwaanzinnig, has a great love for special products and is always looking for beautiful new collections with a story. Especially for the set table. A feeling that will undoubtedly not fade.

That is how we found the Mateus Collection Ceramics 15 years ago. This special, hand-made ceramic / porcelin tableware is designed in Sweden by Teresa Mateus and is handmade and painted in Portugal by artisans. There are five different collections. The basic collection, lace collection, bubble collection, organic collection and since last year the new MSY collection. For Teresa, her pottery collection is all about warmth and well-being at home and the collection is specially designed to stimulate your senses. We totally agree.

In addition to Mateus, we have added part of the very extensive colorful collection of glassware by Zafferano from Italy. This partly mouth-blown collection was designed by owner Federico de Majo. We mix the Provenzale, Bei, Balloton and Perle tumblers and they complement the tableware perfectly.

In addition to Mateus and Zafferano, we have added to our collection the popular Poldina wireless lights. These lights are really great for both indoor and outdoor dining. And last but not least we now sell the beautiful collection of Timeless (table) Linen. These unique collections together form a great basis for good conversations and delicious food around a beautifully set table.

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